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Reel to Reel (open reel) Audio

1964. The Philips EL 3586 portable reel to reel video recorder and EL 3586's separate power supply

Philips EL 3586 Philips EL 3586

Philips EL 3586

Simon Valve (Tube) Tape Recorder.

Produced by Simon Sound of London, the SP2 was developed from their earlier SP1 and dates
from late 1955. It was a two-speed (7-1/2 and 3/3-4 ips), three-motor tape recorder which
provided excellent recording and reproduction through an internal 10" speaker. Uniquely,
it featured a W-gate motion control lever simplifying its operation. The electric motors
were made by Collaro whom themselves later produced a very successful tape deck in addition
to their famous record players.

At the same time as they were developing the SP deck, Simon developed an interesting airfield
voice logger; that division was sold on, but while the Simon SP series tape recorders were very
highly regarded and they continued their development into the late 1950s, they lost their
direction in the early 1960s with innovative designs using a Garrard and a novel EMI desk,
neither of which captured the imagination of the public. By 1967, Simon Sound had
effectively disappeared. - Thanks to Barry M Jones for this information

Simon tape recorder

Simon tape recorder

Simon tape recorder Simon tape recorder

This very heavy valve tape recorder was made in the UK by "Simon".
information on tape recorders can be found in the softback book
"A Guide to British tape-recorders" by Barry M Jones.
The book can be ordered from Barry M Jones. See

The F1-Cord portable reel to reel tape recorder. 1965

Simon tape recorder F1-Cord




Fi-Cord were based in Yorkshire and offered a superb British built, portable 3" battery portable,
the Fi-Cord 1A, designed by Quallet-Stellavox of Switzerland. Costing 59gns (62/19/0d) in 1959
it proved tremendously popular with journalists and engineers alike in field tests through its sheer
compactness an durability, suffering only in limited duration.

With the launch the superb Uher 4000 portable in 1963, adopted by the BBC, Fi-Cord designed the
table top/portable Fi-Cord 202 which was built in Switzerland. With automatic recording level
control, it had a claimed 50-12,000Hz response and operated at 3-3/4 or 7-1/2ips but suffered
poor wow and flutter. Though otherwise a good performer it failed to match the superior Uher
model and was thus a short lived, and loved, model.

Thereafter Fi-Cord concentrated on hi-quality, Swiss made miniature recorders such as the 101 and 303

Thanks to Barry M Jones for this information.

1958 Grundig TK20 Tape Recorder.

Grundig TK20 Tape Recorder Grundig TK20 Tape Recorder

Made in Germany,this is half track mono audio tape recorder. Tape Speed - 3 i.p.s.
Grundig TK20 Tape Recorder. Original price 50 gns. Grundig Ltd, 39/41 New Oxford Street, London.
Many reports on the web date this unit as 1960. This is not correct. It was reviewed in the
September 1958 issue of "The Gramophone Magazine".

Hi Fi Sound magazine from Feb. 1970

Hi Fi Sound magazine from Feb. 1970

I bought this magazine in 1970 and recently mislaid it. Managed to find it on e-bay so if it
turns up in the future, I will have 2 copies. This copy features the excellent
Ferrograph Series 7 reel to reel audio recorder.

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